Marketing 2017 For Accounting Firms By: Karin Murphy Caro

Great article by Karin Murphy Caro for marketing in a field that’s usually very difficult to get noticed.

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Marketing is so important to boost your firm’s reputation and online presence, to ultimately gain new clients. Here are some tips from Karin Murphy Caro on developing your firm’s client base.

1.Get on social media

When it comes to marketing strategies that are fast and inexpensive, nothing beats social media. I have found that, accountants are typically reluctant to be on social networks for their practices however, joining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google or any other platform that you know your target audience exists, can prove to be fruitful.

With the professional services an accounting firm offers, it’s not about getting large numbers of followers. Actually, fewer followers is fine as long as you build solid relationships with them. In order to do that, they have to be interested in what you have to say and the content you are delivering. In addition to having a presence and gaining…

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