The Time Is Now To Go All In On ‘Moonshot’ Medicine


Editor’s note:Unity Stoakes is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health.

Precision medicine is becoming one of the hot-button health innovation topics of 2015. President Obama even introduced a new precision medicine initiative in his January State of the Union address, and scores of new startups are launching to help personalize every aspect of our health.

An editorial (depressingly titled “‘Moonshot’ Medicine Will Let Us Down”) ran in the NYT shortly after Obama’s announcement argued that precision medicine is unlikely to make most Americans healthy; therefore, money should be invested elsewhere.

As an entrepreneur and investor focused on digital health innovation, I was struck by the notion that if something is likely to fall short of expectations, it isn’t worth trying.

Precision medicine may still be early (think 1994 Internet), but we are no longer operating in a linear world. Conditions are different today instigating exponential innovation that…

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