Tech Used To Trek Snowy Owls As Fundraising Efforts Take Flight

CBS Philly

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For a second year, Snowy Owls have been spending the winter well out of their normal Arctic range, with some turning up at the Jersey and Delaware shores.

Although the number of the big white owls visiting this year isn’t as high as it was last winter, this year’s crop is offering researchers a treasure trove of information, and a fundraising effort to support the work is underway.

Last winter, Project Snowstorm took flight, outfitting visiting Snowy Owls with lightweight GPS transmitters that store information on their movements. Some of the birds are repeat visitors, packing data tracking their travels during the spring, summer, and fall, when they were out of the range of modern technology.

“They check in using cell towers every couple of days so basically, our research team gets texts from these owls as they travel around,” says Alexis Campbell, who…

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