High School Sweethearts Amaze Me

Ask Mr. Long Island

Holiday Inn Valentine's Day Contest_2015By Michael Watt

This may earn me a lifetime ban from the He-Man Women Haters Club, but I find high school sweethearts who marry and stay married intriguing.

I think of how different we all are from my high school days – physically and mentally – and I can not fathom how enduring a love must be to survive not one but two people changing to that extent. I also can’t fathom living my entire life based on a decision made by a teenager.

So when I got wind of a contest being sponsored by the Holiday Inn in Carle Place that celebrates High School Sweethearts with a contest for the best HSS story – winning prize is a romantic weekend getaway – I posted it to my Facebook page and to my high school alumni pages. Wow! The immediate feedback was heartwarming, if you will. One family has three sisters still married to…

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