Post Graduation Job Search

Now that you have completed your four year journey, it’s time to put those skills to use. Companies all over are looking to hire the right candidates that possess different skill sets and personality traits. Here are some tips to getting an interview.Image

  1. Make a List of all the Jobs you WANT
    1. Most of the time, people seeking jobs will just go browsing for what’s available and not even take into consideration what they actually want to do with their lives. This will lead to a miserable career, where work is dreadful every day, ultimately affecting your performance and ability to succeed.
    2. Write down all the jobs you WANT and go to the company’s website & browse job openings (typically in careers section).
  2. Browse Available Jobs pertaining to your specific degree/skill set
    1. You have a degree now! You are even more valuable to these companies and you have to treat it like that. Companies all over get inquires and applications from unqualified candidates, ultimately wasting time in the interview process.
    2.  Search for companies looking for someone with your qualifications. Having a degree isn’t a guaranteed job, but it will certainly give you an edge over anyone applying that does not have one.
  3. Diversify your methods of contact
    1. This is essential to getting an interview and most of the people out there will not do it. You need to do research and find out who exactly you need to contact in order to get an interview. Most of the time, candidates will just apply to a job posting or send an email with your typical cover letter and attached resume. No! Ever wonder why they never call/write back?
    2. What you need to do is find the HR manager or even company supervisor and send an e-mail to both expressing your interest. If a phone number is available, than contact them and leave a message even! Take the extra steps and find out who you need to be speaking to in order to obtain an interview.
  4. Preparing for your interview.
    1. Ok the hard part is almost over, well…not quite. You have successfully stood out amongst all the other candidates and landed an interview. It is so hard to even get an interview these days and it is essential that when you do, you seize the moment!
    2. Prepare for your interview by writing down questions you think you’ll be asked and make sure you have the right answers. It is unexpected what the interviewer will ask you, so be prepared for anything. Make sure your looking spiffy on the day of the interview and be prepared with a copy of your resume, references, cover letter, etc…
    3. Finally, stay confident and relaxed!

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