5 Key tips for anyone starting a sales position

There are tons of sales positions out there, some offer training and others require experience. A company’s sales department is vital to it’s success in the market. Here are 5 key tips for anyone pursuing a career in sales. 

1. Know your target market.

  • It is impossible to sell if you do not know who you have to sell to. Discover your target market and study them so that you know why they would be interested in your product. 

2. Know what you’re selling.

  • A sales person should be an expert in what their selling. Know everything about what you’re selling and be prepared for any questions regarding the product. 

3. What do they want to hear? 

  • Typically, a salesperson will tell you exactly what you want to hear which will make your product more appealing to them. Once you gain the initial interest of the person, persuade by informing them of all the potential benefits your product has to offer. Competition is strong and if you do not capture their attention they will bring their business somewhere else. 

4. Improve your people skills. 

  • If your going to be in a sales position, you MUST know how to properly talk to people. You represent the company you work and the last thing they need is a poor reputation. Improve your people skills and learn how to talk to strangers confidently. 

5. Improve your phone skills. 

  • Typically, every sales position involves some sort of over-the-phone contact. Whether it’s following up with a potential customer, setting an appointment to come in, cold calling, or even completely closing the deal over the phone, you need to have excellent phone skills. You could have no problem talking to someone in person,  but if you sound unintelligent over the phone, you will not get their attention and certainly drive them away. 

Study these 5 tips and you may just be the next top salesman for a company. There are endless possibilities in this field and the potential for growth is incredible. Happy selling!


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