Valentine’s Day Marketing

google vday 02


Google’s insight release ascertains one thing: Socially digital and mobile platforms are where consumers are getting information from and, ultimately, making firm decisions to purchase.

In a previous study, eight out of ten consumers reported to use their mobile devices to purchase gifts.

The realm of advertising has changed with the adaptation of digital technology. Consumers are also constantly on-the-go, making their mobile devices a more effective way of communication than traditional advertisement, though the latter must not be discarded.

For brands looking for bank from this romance occasion, here are some tips:

  • Digitized promotions. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest share ideas rapidly among consumers. For example, Real Simple, a life style magazine, created a Pinterest board sharing ideas to celebrate V-day. The content drove traffic to their websites, increasing their uniques and leaving a brand impression on readers.


  • Crowdsource. Artists, actors, producers and innovators are doing it; brands should too. Marketing is all about creating a conversation around the brand. Interactivity is key. David Yurman created a crowd sourced app for Valentine’s day, which drove in brand awareness as well as consumer engagement with the brand’s “drop a hint” option. The jeweler asked its customers to take action.


  • Timing is key. Like the Google insights revealed, an effective and targeted campaign for the occasion needs to run a minimum of three weeks prior. Shoppers are generally last-minute so fast delivery and efficient booking are key.

We are using sites like these daily to get our clients’ message out: Ustream, Twitter, Word Press, Tumblr, Pinterest.  

If you need help getting search engines to help your brand for Valentine’s Day, call us.  We’ll direct and advise you free of charge.  631.337.1603

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