Let Blu Lead You in 2014

A new year is here, and we see so many resolutions from people looking to improve their self-image. But have you made any resolutions to keep your brand’s image in shape? Here are a couple of simple steps you can take to help your marketing, and your bottom line, stay fit!

Listen to and engage customers

Using social media, blogs, and other means of social networking to get your message out is a great way to gain exposure, but many companies miss the most important aspect: CONNECTING with your customers! A wise resolution is to regularly monitor feeds for incoming messages/comments and give prompt response to questions and concerns!


Ask happy customers for reviews

According to a study by Huffington Post – a half star increase on review site Yelp yielded a whopping 19% increase in business for restaurants. Other sites like Angie’s List, or Trip Advisor can help yield similar results if utilized correctly. If you have a happy

customer, don’t be shy in asking them for a review!


Make sure you’re visible

Check out free sites like GetListed.org and make sure your business can be found around the web!

How can Blu help You?

Public & Community Relations

Email Campaigns

Website Design & Revamping

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Video Production

Web TV & Internet Marketing



Direct Mail Campaigns

For all of your marketing, public relations, and social/multimedia needs, BluChip is here to help!

Visit us for a free consultation!



BluChip Marketing  – Smithtown, NY – (631) 337-1603 – chris@bluchipmarketing.net

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