Post Pardum Depression? South Bay Wellness of Sayville Is Here To Help

Post Pardum Depression is a common emotional period following after birth. Many moms feel guilt when they experience feeling this way, but realize IT HAPPENS. You WILL feel better. About 80% of new mothers suffer from the baby blues. About 10-15% of these women are clinically depressed and should seek help immediately. Remember, this is just a stage and there are stepping stones that lead to relief!

So, what are the stepping stones? Well, at South Bay Wellness we provide experienced professionals who help during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods of motherhood. There are always challenges in welcoming a new member into the family, especially one so delicate and dependent. We understand and want to make this a joyous and heathy time.

Here’s how we help!

-Sharing of evidence based information to educate, using current materials on newborn care and soothing
-Breastfeeding/bottle feeding guidance and information
-Support Mom with self care for emotional/physical needs
-Help create a plan for caring and assisting with siblings
-Help parents to gain self confidence in caring for their baby
-Organize nursery and/or home with baby care items
-Plan and prepare light meals and snacks for Mom/family
-Light household chores
-Provide referrals in areas where extra support is needed
-Much more…

If you know anyone suffering, or if you are suffering please get help. There’s no need to be ashamed or afraid. Looking for professional help immediately when experiencing feelings like this is the best way to go about it.

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