Get Caught in the Web… is the place to network yourself or your business. Web videos are a great marketing strategie and a great way to reach your targeted audience, and make a big impact!

Here’s a tip when making your web video, and remember The Daily Blu can help make your video dreams come true! Call them to start a show on their website today. Visit their Facebook for more information at

#1: Make your title count

Just like a headline to a blog post, video titles can pull powerful traffic. There are two main reasons why the title is so important. One, a great title can instantly grab a viewer’s attention. Two, when you use the appropriate keywords in your title, you are more likely to show up on search engines when people are searching for your topic.


Hashtags enable people to search keywords, the more hashtags you attach to your videos the more chances it will come up in peoples searches, therefor getting you more viewers!

#3 Content is key.

Be Knowledgeable, know what your talking about in your video, if you are not sure of something research it, and find ways to make it intriguing there are so many videos out there with the same concept you have, make yours stand out by making it captivating and visually appealing. Also, no matter how good your content is, it won’t matter. If your video is to long you will loose your viewers attention, so try to keep them short.

#4 Engaging

Ask people to leave comments about your video, ask questions, invite people to call in and share opinions. People love to be involved and share their thoughts. Let them, the more engaged they are the more likely they will continue to follow your videos and watch more often.

#5 Create a webpage, Facebook Page, or Blog.

Always have a place for people to go to receive extra video content, to post their comments and to interact with other fans, a Facebook page is perfect for this. If they ask questions always answer them. Don’t forget to always include the URL of that page in your video also so people know where to go. It helps to say it in the video as well as write it.

#6 Be Original and Share your Video Everywhere.

Do not conform to what other people do or say, do what you believe in and love and people will see your passion and that will attract them to you. Social media will play a key role in marketing your video, Share your video everywhere and always refer people where they can go to watch other videos, such as your website or fan page. Invite people with common interests and passions to like your pages, and share your content with those people, in turn they will share it, and so forth.

Have fun, now go forth and become the producer, director, and star that your are in the world of web videos!

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