Free TIPS For Your Marketing and SEO

Marketing Tips of The Day: BUYER BEWARE of SEO SCAMS:

-If a company is telling you that they are going to submit your site to over 250+ search engines, BEWARE!  Only a few search engines really matter.  It’s a waste of time.  Yes, it sounds impressive but in reality, your site needs to be in the right places, and the ones that count.  All sites are ready to be “crawled” from the minute they go up…whether they actually get “crawled” is another mater entirely.

-If you’re told that registering your site will improve your visibility, BEWARE!  Registering your site with search engines is unnecessary and doesn’t do anything to help your search engines.  Verifying your site FOR FREE on Google Webmaster Tools can help you identify potential issues; but your ranking depends on quality links that direct back to your website.  NO LINKS will equate to NO RANKINGS!

-If you’re told that registering your site is a complicated process, BEWARE! It is NOT complicated and a quick FYI- Google specifically expresses this concern to webmasters: “Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send an email out of the blue that suggest that they are going to help you with the major search engines and directories. 

-If there are NO REAL People, BEWARE!  the website will provide credentials and team leaders.  If you can’t access information without becoming a “member” or purchased one of their packages, then you should be concerned.  For those of us in the marketing world, it’s easy to spot as a scam immediately but for regular business owners, just trying to get some extra business, you will be taken advantage of! 

You can always access us at BluChip Marketing, we’re real and we care.  Questions, comments, concerns or answers: 631.337.1603

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