SEO Tips and Tricks For FREE

SEO Tips and Tricks For FREE

Free Local SEO Tools:

Today, we are exposing some of the tools we have researched. These tools are free and help you to drive your search engines simply and since they’re free…they’re certainly affordable.

1. is a great go-to tool to help searches. The best of all free tolls shows you where business listings exist for your company on local platforms…and where they don’t. It helps you to determine exactly where you need to list your business. First, the tool shows you where you have missing listings. These are places that your business should have a profile! You can click the “create a listing” button to be connected and then just follow the different platforms. If you need help, call us: 631.337.1603

2. Google Places. Local search rankings have cited in 2013 that the Google Places Page is the number one factor for business locations online. You can type your business model and key words into this tool and it comes up with a set of best matched categories. Of course, this is really helpful for us.

3. Free Local Analysis Google Places Tool. You can enter your basic information in this 51 Blocks tool that gives you data about your Google listing and provides more rich data for local SEOs than almost any other tool that we have found.

4. Google Local Toolbox. Also from 51 Blocks, you enter your basic business information into this tool and it generates HCard, GeoTags and Location Code. This gives your business data on your website to make every effort to help the bots understand who you are and where you are and what you do.

5. Generate Local Ad Words and Keyword Lists Tools. Helpful for the PPC and local SEO this tool from let’s you enter keywords and geographic data for purposes of generating a list of terms you should consider targeting. The radius feature of the tool will be helpful to local search marketers working with service area businesses that serve a variety of cities.

6. Review Handout Generator. This cool tool is from Whitespark and enables you to enter your business data and create a PDF handout that can be given to customers at the time of service encouraging them to review you online. It even let’s you upload your business logo to customize the appearance of the handout. In recent times, Google has made it difficult for customers to leave a Google-based review, the user must have an account and this handout walks them through the process of signing up and leaving the review. While not all customers will make the effort, there may be some who will be bald to do but just don’t know how, this tool walks one through the process. Remember that reviews should be steady and not all at once.

7. Offline Tracker. Empower your office staff to always ask, “How did you find out about us?” Then enter it into this form during the phone conversation. The tool not only keeps track but fires data over to Google Analytics so that it tracks it. This is again created by Whitespark. Thumbs up to them!

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