Brand Story Telling and Getting Results LONG TERM

No matter what business we are marketing, it’s a pretty sure thing that someone is going to want to monitor how efficiently and productively you are working. We sincerely care about showing results as it is crucial to maintaining a healthy of the long-term relationship.  

At Blu Chip, the reports have become less about the data, and more about the story we can tell.  Of course we feel data is important, but it’s not always reflective of the consistent story.  It could be seasonal.  Maybe it levels after a brand is mentioned in a news report.  Our team feels its essential to keep building brands by telling their story…and continuously creating it.  

Stories matter in life and in marketing. The reason is simple. Great stories make people feel something, and those emotions create powerful connections between the audience, the characters within the stories and the storyteller.

Stories are the perfect catalyst to building brand loyalty and brand value. When you can develop an emotional connection between consumers and your brand, your brand’s power will grow exponentially. 

Brand storytelling requires creativity and an understanding of fiction writing fundamentals. It’s different from standard copywriting, because brand stories shouldn’t be self-promotional. Instead, you’re indirectly selling your brand when you’re telling brand stories.  At Blu Chip, we create and develop the story for you. 

With that in mind, here are several key factors to help you write your story…if you don’t have us 🙂

Show Don’t Tell

The first thing fiction writers learn when they step into a writing class is the importance of showing the audience what is happening in the story rather than telling them. Use descriptive words that evoke deeper feelings for the characters and their plights.  We refer to this in the office as “color” a term my good friend and writer, Alysia Stern, taught me.  

Many Non-profit organizations are great examples of showing rather than telling their brand. For example, rather than simply telling the public that there are people or animals in need, nonprofit organizations show them by using emotionally-charged and descriptive language.  Commercials and advertisements and billboards have been used to show the needs of organizations.  

Create Characters People Care About

Many brand stories feature mascots as the primary characters, but you don’t have to create characters like the Geico Gecko or Flo from Progressive. Instead, you can use your audience’s buyer personas as characters to drive an even deeper relationship with your brand. When your target audience can relate to your consumers, their emotional connection to your brand grows organically.

Understand the Complete Story 

When we write a story…a brand story, we are not planning on it being a “one-shot deal” a stand alone story.  Instead, we have plans on expanding the story.  The brand to keep building and developing and all the time, building engagement with the public. Create obstacles for your characters that your target audience can identify with, and motivate your audience to root for your characters as they get through those obstacles. If you tell the complete story in one shot, you lose the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with your audience.   

Stay Consistent with Your Brand Promise

Confusion is the number one brand killer, so make sure your brand stories are always consistent with your brand promise and image. If your target audience doesn’t understand how your story relates to their perceptions of your brand and their expectations for it, they’ll turn away from your brand in search of another that does consistently meet their expectations.

Not really sure how to tell a story?  We will sit down and help you for FREE if you make a $50.00 donation to Angela’s House, an organization that helps medically frail children and their families.  Many times insurance does not cover all of the expenses these families incur and it deeply effects the family…their other children and even their marriage.  Angela’s House helps.  Check it out: 

PS- catch the story?

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