Mother and Daughter Rock Long Beach, NY with a New Performing Arts Center

Mother and Daughter Rock Long Beach, NY with a New Performing Arts Center

Rock music never dies it only evolves. Many cover bands formed in the 1990’s keeping the classics alive for future generations to enjoy. In 1993 driven by desire and a passion for rock music, Joanne J-Bird Phillips combined her love for music, and her good business sense to keep rock music along with other musical genres rollin’ by helping others find gigs. With wanting to rock the world and with her music in mind, Joanne started “J-Bird Music for The Arts, Inc”, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, aiming to provide quality music entertainment to NY communities, with the end goal to raise funding for scholarships for Performing Arts programs in the New York State education system. Joanne’s daughter, Elyssa Phillips is a board member and the Vice President for J-Bird Music for The Arts. A decade later, on December 10, 2013 a ribbon cutting ceremony at The Long Beach Hotel, unveiled the “J-Bird Music for The Arts” Performing Arts space. Joanne (J-Bird) Phillips exclaimed, “I am STILL pinching myself…’s my dream come true after decades of quiet “behind the scenes” financial and promotional support, hard work, commitment and cultivating good solid relationships….on top of “shameless self promotion”, brain tumor survival, hurricane disaster and happily doing random acts of kindness, I am now stepping out into the limelight with this ceremony, solidifying the official “J-Bird Music for The Arts”  Performing Arts Space at the wonderful Long Beach Hotel, here in “The City By The Sea”, Long Beach NY.

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