Easy, Quick SEO Tips for 2013

3 SEO Tips for The New Year

Start your 2013 off on the right path with doing some simple things to help your SEO.

-Optimize Your Page Titles

Page titles are the most important onsite ranking factor. There is no excuse for not optimizing your page titles, because they are completely in your control and easy to fix. The way I optimize page titles is I pick the two most important keywords for the content of each core page (homepage, services pages, product pages, etc.) on a site and write the title like so: Keyword 1 | Keyword 2 | Brand/Business Name.

-Ensure Your Site Has a Canonical Redirect

I can’t stress enough how important this is, and it is probably one of the top issues we see. A canonical redirect is a redirect between the www version of your site and the non-www version. You need to pick one for your site and redirect the other. For instance, http://www.yoursite.com should redirect to yoursite.com or vice versa.

Check to see if you already have a canonical redirect by looking in the address bar of your browser while on your website. If the URL has www. in front delete it and press enter. If the URL doesn’t have www. in front of it, add it and press enter. Did the URL go back to how it was before you amended it? If not, you need to set up a canonical redirect. Otherwise, you have two versions of your homepage, which means you aren’t getting the full benefit of all your links and you have duplicate content.

-Make a Commitment to Creating Consistent (and useful) Content

If there’s any mantra in the SEO world that has been used almost obsessively, it is “Content is King.” Many SEOs tire of hearing this oft-repeated phrase (me included), but it has lots of truth. You need to consistently create great content on your website (blogs, help sections, product reviews, etc.) for many reasons: content attracts links, search engines like to see fresh content, search engines like content-rich websites, visitors like content-rich websites that give them what they’re looking for, and it builds trust with potential clients visiting your website.

Make a resolution to create one content item per day, (we keep up with http://www.TheDailyBlu.com, http://www.TheDailyBlu.org and http://www.KarinCaro.com) one per week, or whatever you think you can stick to. If you’re stuck on what kind of content to create, ask yourself how you can help your customers — what advice could you give them, what questions could you answer, what could you do to make their life easier?

*If you will implement these 3 simple SEO tips in 2013, your search engine visibility will be on its way up. If we can help you get more leads and more clients online, contact us. We would be glad to help. 631.337.1603 http://www.bluchipseocompany.com*


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