Blu’s Favorite Posts of 2013



It has been a wonderful year for technology…a year of change, a year of disruptions, a year of disappointments and a year of surprises.  Twitter went public, Snapchat turned down $3 billion dollars that Facebook offered and we created our own Long Island Social Network.  It was a year that we decided to create our own avenues to help people, businesses and charities. On the world-wide we had everything from royal births and notable deaths and sports triumphs to celebrity spats, so we thought we would pick some of our favorite posts that spotlighted what was to come (or change) in 2013.  

Ronan Farrow “Listen, we’re all possibly Frank Sinatra’s son” posted after mother Mia Farrow implied Woody Allen may not be his real father. 

TheYearofElan: “I’m not going to lie I am shaking this is so terrifying she is so angry with me its kind of incredible”  Posted to Twitter after passenger Elan Gale live tweeted his argument with a furious woman on their delayed flight.  His tweets went viral and were reported by media all around the world.  

Adalia Rose is 6 years old and suffers from progeria, a condition that gives her an unusual appearance for a child.  Some very wonderful people at 4Chan found her on Facebook and turned her into a loved icon.  

Buzz Feed started the Grumpy Cat items for sale in March 2013 which became a worldwide phenomenon.  

Cory Booker is mayor of Newark, NJ and a social media superhero.  His twitter account has helped many people and directly responds to public requests all throughout the day (and night).He posted at !:45 am on March 9, 2013 to give a resident his best.  

Whole foods.  Organic food, nutrition and lots of responding and retweets.  They liked my check-in on Foursquare as well as asking me how my experience was via Twitter.  Best post: A hen can produce one egg in 24 to 26 hours!  

Shaquille O’Neal posted in March: “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is your future. Today is your life.  Love it.” 

Pete Souza is the White House chief official photographer.  His best post was a reflection of the morning sunrise in the Oval Office.  Hi spics usually get posted before they’re available anywhere else.  

Samuel Jackson’s twitter is hilarious and engaging.  His best tweet: Feb 2013 “in da car headed to Oscar dealio!  Avengers assembling!”

Cartoonist Josh Hara posted this fantastic line: “Don’t forget to stop and Instagram the roses” PERFECT!

Our last (for now) best post of 2013 was The Royal Baby Tweets.  Starting with the Royals themselves on Facebook and Twitter and then an endless number of marketer tweets.  Pampers, Oreos, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola had some of the best.  So now we have to mention Charmin- A royal poop joke, well played…well played.  

We are so ready for 2014…more fun in the social world! 




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